Water wall tubes     


  water wall tubes, water wall panelWater Wall Tubes: These are tubes in the Boiler where water is evaporated to steam and are also called Steam Generating Tubes. These Tubes also form the Walls of the Boiler and are hence called Water Walls or Water Wall Panels. These Tubes have very complicated shapes to allow Inspection openings and burner throats and fabrication require intricate binding on CNC programable bending Machines and checking on 3D layouts.

Tubeweld can supply these tubes with ends swaged/reduced to smaller diameters or expanded to higher diameters. Ends can be supplied fully ground and annealed to facilitate Expansion or bevelled to weld to Header Stubs. The Water Wall Panels are High frequency tube to tube welded and then bent on Panel Bending Machines or the Gas tight panel can be made by welding Fins to tubes using Low Temperature Automatic Welding Machines using CO2 and Filler wires.

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