cHrome molly steel Pipes & tubes     


  Chrome Molly Steel Pipes & Tubes: It has been used for temperature upto 593oC. In the small diameter, the material is usually available in the seamless construction because of the inability of seamless mills to fabricate large dia and heavy wall pipe. It may be necessary to resort for a high temperature piping system & should be selected after a careful review of technical and economic considerations. For temperature upto 510oC, 1/2 carbon, 1/2 molly, A-335. Grade P-2 is used. For temperature 510-538oC, 1 Cr, 1/2 Molly steel. A-335 grade p-12 is used. For temperature 538oC to 566oC, 1 1/4Cr, 1/2 molly A-335 P-11 may be used. For temperature 566oC to 593oC, 2 1/4 Cr, 1 Molly A-335 Grade P-22 is frequently used. When there is a combination of high temp and erosive action 5 Cr 1/2 molly , A-335 Grade has been desirable.


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